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Natural Agate Wind Chime

Natural Agate Wind Chime

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a beautiful addition to your sacred space ~~

our agate wind chime is made up of seven hanging agates, suspended {seemingly} in thin air ~~ hang it up in your favorite window to watch the sun shine so sweet ~~ breathtaking earth hues of gold, brown, creme, and tan will match any room.

metaphysically, agate is a balancing stone ~~ balance of yin + yang, male + female, right + wrong ~~ watch the chime go with the flow and teach you boundary ~~ and when the air hits it just right you'll hear the sweetest sound, natural and oh-so right...

{two sizes are currently available, pictured in photos 3 + 4 is the standard size, but we also have a few larger ones (photos 1 + 2) made up these are made of agates about twice the circumference of the standard, limited quantities of each, and we are not sure if the supplies for more will ever be available.}

can be used outdoors if you’re brave, but recommended to be displayed indoors to increase longevity & decrease accident :) when the fan blows or the air flows in your space it will sing so sweetly.

in love from Tahoe ~~~

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