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White Sage Protection Balm

White Sage Protection Balm

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a dream project ~~ as I am a turquoise lover & daily wearer, it was only natural to implement it into the product line.

this is a balm for sacred times, times of stress, times of meditation, times of ritual; and an ally for those times when you TAKE ON the energy of others. for me, I feel that in the back of my neck, it punctures me, and I needed to create a barrier for myself. a shield. so, this balm was born.

I infused organic sunflower oil with wild California white sage & organic lavender for a full moon cycle, essential oils of organic lavender, organic mugwort, and wildcrafted white sage accompany the natural full bodied scent of the white sage plant. I place a single Kingman Turquoise bead in the center of each tin of balm. turquoise is a sacred stone to Native Americans and this land. it is associated with the energies of the sky, the flow, the freedom, the final location. it speeds the process of healing & trauma. it can also open a line of full, honest communication between head & heart.

full ingredients: white sage*, sunflower oil*, beeswax*, mugwort + white sage essential oil*



we also wanted to take a moment to comment on the current state of the white sage plant. it is nearing endangerment. please be mindful of whom you source your sage from, and how much you use in one ceremony. we are currently sponsoring a native plant rejuvenation project. we have 3 goats eating down a pad for two full sized greenhouses:: one for organic white sage, and one for organic lavender, both of which happen to be native to our high desert valley. this is a blessing to take on this role. all proceeds of any white sage product we sell is reinvested in this project. please email us with any questions or to donate.

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