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White Sage & Beeswax Candle Bundle

White Sage & Beeswax Candle Bundle

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sacred bundle 𓂍

white sage wand

2 hand dipped beeswax chime candles (handmade in Mississippi by Dreaming the Bee)

bound in hemp silk fabric : dyed in house with onion skin.

lighting my sage with beeswax candles is my favorite way to use the medicine. it creates a sacred flame for igniting the sage that is beautiful and practical : no more burning fingers with lighters or matches.

our california white sage is sustainably & happily grown in it’s native land at a family farm in southern california we have been working with for years. all sacred elements are honored, we are grateful to be stewards of this sacred medicine. one look at our sage and you will see, smell, and feel the loving energy.

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