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the Ebb & Flow High Desert Tea Set

the Ebb & Flow High Desert Tea Set

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‘to exist where the desert meets the warm waves of salt’ 𓂃 𓊎

the signature high desert tea set is here!

the high desert tea is a calming, iron rich, & extremely tasty blend of herbs I have been enjoying together for the last few years. all herbs were grown organically in reno nevada at looping coyote farms. I teamed up with local internal herbalist brooke wabash of terrior herbals to bring this blend to Ebb & Flow. the tea is available in one ounce bags of loose leaf OR sets of 13 unbleached compostable tea bags.

tea ingredients: tulsi, nettle, oat straw & tops, lemon balm, mojito mint. 100% organic + biodynamic.

a limited run of large organic blush pink tea towels were dyed in house with onion skin (26” x 26”)

joined by a limited run of matte white stoneware wave cups made for us by summer frye of a peace of summer. these are the first generation of our signature Ebb & Flow wave tea tumbler.

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