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.:. T A N L I N E S .:.

coconut + cold pressed key lime body milk

a hydrating & nourishing organic dry oil elixir mindfully formulated for the sun worshipper ~ use as needed to hydrate & quench skin, this product does NOT contain regulated SPF, but is especially therapeutic after sun/element exposure. this oil soaks into skin immediately for a clean, fresh moisturize-ation. also great as a tanning oil, getting unscreened sun exposure is essential to overall health.

if you’re a sun baby like me, I LOVE using this as a tanning oil, its not greasy, contains a natural spf, & is as organic as it comes.

formulated with the most luscious of ingredients:

the star being a Co2 extraction of organic coconut pulp ~ which results in a highly fragrant, balanced oil that, with organic key lime essential oil, makes up this products insanely appealing (and quite addicting) scent.

organic shea nut oil ~ jam packed collagen, shea nut oil not only instantly hydrates + protects your skin, it repairs it at the root. lack of collagen is a factor to many skin ailments: wrinkles, elasticity, liver spots, discoloration, moisture, and overall sheen/appearance. all important things to cater to when you spend time in the sun.

all organic oils of: sunflower, shea nut, & hempseed, Italian key lime cold-pressed essential oil, and a touch of geranium essential oil.

extremely fair skin tones should not use this product during sun exposure as key lime oil is phototoxic - this particular extraction of the lime is from dried peels & is not phototoxic, but anyone with fair skin should be cautious of citrus oils in the sun. that being said, light to olive, and darker skin tones will tan magically with the addition of lime, it helps creates a beautifully golden glow tone in your tan that is just magic.

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