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Stardust Candle

Stardust Candle

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・゚: ✧ s t a r d u s t ✧ :・゚

the blend you have all been waiting for!

a luxurious combination of desert lavender, pinion pine, and tuscan rosemary - an instant crowd-pleasing favorite, we truly can’t get enough.

. . .

about our candles:

  • hand-poured, old school style in the mountains with love

  • local ingredients = carbon footprint

  • raw hemp wicks - made with two layers of hemp rope rather than metal

  • features a combination of essential oils & cosmetic grade fragrance

  • no animal testing

  • our soy wax is: all-natural, unbleached (our candles are more cream than white), food-grade, & local

  • our containers are: USA made, locally sourced, and reusable with a gold platform lid

  • burns 60+ hours

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