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Smudge Kit

Smudge Kit

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"a specially curated box of magic"

each kit contains:

  • a branded hemp bag filled with Ebb & Flow's smudge blend: wild juniper from our land, califonia white sage, organic rose petals, sustainably harvested palo santo chips, & organic lavender

  • handmade smudging dish, made exclusivly for Ebb & Flow by Summer Forbes @apeaceofsummer

  • quartz crystal

  • 3 charcoal starts

  • nested inside a compostable (& reusable!) box

use: this is a beautiful gentle smudge, hold charcoal in one hand, light open end with a match, place it into your dish, drop pinches of the mixture onto the hot charcoal, a beautiful bouquet of aroma will fill your space, use as little or as much as you would like at a time ~~ breathe deep, enjoy ~~

be safe! keep out of the reach of children. charcoal will stay hot for up to two hours, stay present during this time or extinguish the coal.

we have 2 glaze options available! these are 8 cone fired by hand in Ojai California by Summer Forbes (@apeaceofsummer) please select your preference at checkout

  • matte moon :: a beautiful matte earth white with amber ribbons throughout - a perfect neutral / tonal / earthy vibe

  • merle :: an epic one of a kind reaction in Summer’s gas kiln : clear glaze over the most speckled clay resulting in hot lava on sand magic

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