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Smoky Quartz Palm Stone

Smoky Quartz Palm Stone

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the smoky quartz palm stone 𓊎

these wands are small enough to tote along with you everywhere, and powerful enough to grab and feel an instant wave of clarity overcome you whenever you need it. meditate, hold, set it on your nightstand. let him get to know your energy and he will assist you in dealing with the troubles of this life we lead.

a larger hunk : roughly 3 inch stone

about smoky quartz : centering, grounding, motherly, protective, & pure. smoky quartz is an earth stone, and associated with the root chakra. it protects and allows us to fall deeper into our primal needs like shelter, survival, and abundance. smoky quartz assists in transformation of negativity / negative energy of any kind into positivity / positive energy. the cloudy nature of the stone allows us to wash away our own fog in order to see our truths.

with love & ALL my grounded blessings ~~~


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