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Self Healing Rollerball Set

Self Healing Rollerball Set

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all three of the self-healing series ~~

"the keeper" ~ with a quartz crystal ~ a dreamy, introspective blend; to amplify good energies & dispel bad ~ increase instinct, wisdom, & awareness. allowing one to promote, acquire, & amplify good energies; while dispelling the bad. a way of self cleansing (smudging), lining yourself with your absolute best aura ~~ & with that the bad is scared away, & the good is instinctively attracted.
~ palo santo* + white sage* + cedar* + frankincense* + orange* + geranium* + sunflower oil* ~ *=organic

"the healer" ~ with an amethyst ~ anxiety + migraine + tension release, calming & peaceful ~ this blend really does take you away. rub on a tight neck, great for chakra cleansing, especially the 3rd eye. surround your self with this scent when suffering from anxiety/headache/migraine, breathe deep, take in, take away… great for relieving pressure point tension. perfect for bedtime.
~ vetiver* + clary sage* + lavender + geranium* + sweet orange* + peppermint* + sunflower oil* ~ *=organic

"the free spirit" ~ with a sunny & bright citrine crystal; said to bring abundance + protection ~ formulated to ignite the soul, open the heart, & keep the spirit abundant & free. great for times of doubt & questioning. this formula opens the heart & mind to true freedom. great for opening the heart chakra.
~ rosewood* + patchouli* + geranium* + sunflower oil* ~ *=organic

comes in a cotton branded pouch or gift box


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