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Run for the Roses

Run for the Roses

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run for the roses -- organic body nutrient mist + after sun mineral mist -

feel instantly refreshed with this cooling, full body toner featuring a blend of minerals, essential vitamins, & antioxidants

made with all organic ingredients, cold pressed rose water, aloe, & hempseed oil, & a touch of witch hazel -- a toning mist, with light moisture, & aloe to calm freshly sunned skin. packed with hydrating vitamins, cooling minerals, & renewing antioxidants. the addition of cold-pressed grapefruit, organic rose-geranium, & geranium essential oils to guarantee a lasting sweet perfume.

  • give your body what it deserves! the skin is your biggest organ, and this spritz of vitamins will leave your entire system thanking you.

  • especially therapeutic after sun exposure / assists in healing sunburns & overexposure — E+F TIP: combine it with our Tanlines body oil for an epic healing sun-worshipper treatment

  • with continued use we have found this product to be extremely deodorizing. E+F TIP: we love combining it with our Herbal Deodorant for a pit refresher throughout the day, it is great to refresh/deodorize & heal any area

photos 1 & 4 courtesy of Free People / Urban Outfitters inc

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