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Beeswax + Rose Ritual Taper Candles

Beeswax + Rose Ritual Taper Candles

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we adore beeswax candles and have finally brought on the best to share with you

.:. Rose Ritual Beeswax Taper Candle .:.

this listing is for a set of two hand-dipped natural beeswax standard base taper candles. cotton wick. rolled in dried roses. they are unscented, but carry a sweet honey aroma.

about these candles :

Handmade in Mississippi in prayer + ceremony by our friends at Dreaming the Bee. Founder, Ali Pinon uses her ancestral wisdom to bring modern chicness to a timeless craft. Dreaming the Bee is a treatment free apiary. Ali began making medicine from the gifts of the hive for herself as well as her friends and family. She read everything she could about bees, especially around bees and spirituality. She found that many cultures revered the sacred bee, and believed that bees had a direct connection to the divine. Candles have been burned in churches and in rituals to bring light in the darkness and lift prayers up to the divine. She began dipping candles while saying prayers with each dip. People asked her to sell her candles, and she wanted to be sure that she would not be harming bees by profiting off of their hard work. One day, she sat in meditation with the bees to learn what they felt about her selling their products. The message that she heard back from them started her new path of Dreaming the Bee. They told her that through making products of their wax, propolis, and honey, she could teach people about the wisdom of the bee. That the products of the hive are sacred, and that bees can connect us to the oneness of the world. Bees can show us that we are all connected. They are a super organism, and no one bee can live alone. Bees depend on their community to survive, just as humans do. Bees teach us that we are all connected, and we all share one planet. We must take care of our planet and each other in order to take care of ourselves.

*any candles rolled in herbs may spark, always keep an eye on burning candles*

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