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Remedy Blemish Treatment

Remedy Blemish Treatment

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.: organic herbal blemish healer :.

a naturally astringent oil blend formulated to treat facial blemishes/redness helping you, prevent breakouts, & heal pimples faster than ever before. most affective after cleansing and toning, but can be used throughout the day

EF tip:: place it in the fridge for 20 minutes (while you’re in the shower) for an extra cool, healing treat.

Remedy - an organic blemish healer & spot treatment:

  • reduce the intensity & irritation of pimples

  • heal pimples at the root cause

  • not drying, foreign or ‘shocking’ to put on your skin - formulated to work with the natural oils we produce in order to create harmony - your face will drink this up & THANK YOU <3

  • reduce the appearance of existing scars and sunspots

  • pre-treat problem areas during stress / moontime

  • additional uses: reduce under-eye redness / discoloration

ingredient breakdown:

basil - antibacterial, pore clearing, anti-inflammatory

hemp - the properties of hempseed oil is almost identical to the oil we produce naturally [ so rather than adding extra "gunk" to your face, it is simply combatting the external dryness we encounter throughout the day, whether it be from the cold or dry air ]. it is a well kept secret in the beauty world ~ a natural fighter of blotchy skin, acne, itchiness, dry patches, & uneven skin-tone

almond oil - antioxidant rich, high in vitamin e to promote elasticity, and speeds up cell regeneration (i.e., healing)

rosewood - balancing, anti-septic, and also known for stellar cell regeneration

frankincense - fights redness, & firms the skin for better circulation

lavender - anti-bacterial, soothes to prevent tearing or scarring


ingredients: organic hempseed oil, organic almond oil, organic basil, organic essential oils of lavender, basil, & frankincense. rosewood essential oil.

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