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Agave Dry Brush

Agave Dry Brush

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the NEW palm body brush

dry brushing is a folk technique of rubbing oil into dry skin with a semi-course brush, it stimulates the skin cells, helps you shed, regenerate, & stay silky. it feels so good :)

why dry brush?

  • promotes skin elasticity

  • removes dead skin

  • reduces appearance of cellulite

  • prevents ingrown hairs

  • reduces vein & bruise appearance

  • made from 100% hand harvested sisal which comes from the agave plant

  • pairs perfect with Hemp + Hibiscus, Sweet Jane, and Tanlines

EF tip:: grab a partner, oil up and brush each other’s backs, it feels so good and is an area that always needs some tender love

our new & improved dry brush has a wooden top piece and raw cotton hanging cord - photos coming soon.

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Customer Reviews

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New self care ritual

I’ve been using this once a week as part of my weekend self-care ritual, although I haven’t tried it yet with oil. I dry brush starting at the neck and work my way down before hopping in the shower. It feels so good! And the brush is just beautiful. After drying off I spritz with Run for The Roses or lather myself up in Irie Lotion. I feel like a goddess!