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Ocean Sea Salt Spray

Ocean Sea Salt Spray

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OCEAN, a finishing spray

it is truly good for all hair types ~ used to compliment the natural form of your hair, liven it up, and leave it with a sweet smell. if you slightly wavy hair "ocean" is a great way to coax those natural curls out ~~ if you have insane curls (like me) this is all you need to style your hair, drop those chemically filled mousse's and gels, for an extremely natural alternative.

sexy, beachy, natural ~ in scent and form. formulated to mimic the natural, earthy texture your hair acquires after dippin' in the salty sea ~~~

ocean is perfect to style your hair just out of the shower, or to freshen your dry hair when you haven't showered for days. made with a low temperature coconut oil (so it doesn't solidify at room temp) to moisturize your hair. with essential oils of grapefruit, sweet orange, and lavender, your hair is left with a sweet natural perfume.

I first fell in love with salt sprays for hair when I was in the process of forming dreadlocks, it is perfect to tame straglers and great for rolling. now that my dreadie babies they are gone, I continue to use my own salt spray on my locks.

this listing is for one 4 ounce clear glass fine misting bottle

made with love and beachy keen vibes <3


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