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Mudra Cream

Mudra Cream

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. product with wisdom .

an organic whipped, botanical repair cream formulated to deeply heal, calm, nourish, & regenerate skin.

for the hands, body, & feet.

use: for dry, cracked, tired, or chapped hands, body, & feet. apply as needed throughout the day. especially therapeutic just out of the bath and before bed.

already noted to be extremely affective in healing : rashes, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, keratosis pilaris, hay fever induced topical rashes, & dyshidrotic eczema (eczema w/blisters).

…bottom line, perpetually dry or sensitive? this is for YOU. (but, please note that there is a blend of organic essential oils in this product)

our tallow: is grass-fed, organic tallow from free range local cows. the tallow itself is a clear, odorless, fatty by-product that is carefully rendered . tallow was commonly used as a sustainable, effective, and regenerating skin healer / protectant prior to the introduction and commonality of petrochemicals (petroleum). our ancestors used this medicine, and were wise to the health value it holds. tallow is rich in fat soluble vitamins & minerals A, D, E, K, & B12 - making it not only absorb quickly into the skin, but it also repairs the skin in a harmonious way :: the compound and makeup of tallow are virtually identical to those in human skin and fat.

ingredients: grass-fed beef tallow*, sunflower oil*, hempseed oi* , sustainably harvested essential oils of: patchouli* , sage* , lavender* , cedar* , & cold-pressed sweet orange* . * = organic

… a mudra is a hand symbol that acts as an avenue for energy flow …

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