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Matte Sun Stoneware Candle .:. Amber x Sandalwood

Matte Sun Stoneware Candle .:. Amber x Sandalwood

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.: poured in sacred space :: each step of the way is handmade in sacred space, blessed process, & good energy :: ready to ship :.

.: s c e n t : our best selling signature blend of buttery amber & soft sandalwood - very universally loved and an all around favorite :.

handmade stoneware vessels are made exclusively for Ebb & Flow a gas fired, matte vessel that works with the natural form of the clay. this glaze is handmade. they have a naturally varying glaze pattern, and range from a tonal yellow with amber transition to an amber ombré glaze. named for the sacred sun ~ this glaze reminds me of the coloring of the sun setting over the high desert hills. 

ritual idea:: when your candle arrives, speak all your current manifestations aloud while you write them down on a notepad. let the cadence of your words absorb into the soy. when the sun begins to go down light your candle and place it in a window where it is still visible to you. relax, and do your nightly routine with the candle lit, imagine your manifestations coming true, see yourself in the situations, see yourself where you are meant to be. you can do this even if you’re relaxing watching TV, just be conscious and speak what you desire. blow the candle out before bed and place it on your nightstand with your notes. record anything that came to you in your sleep, all of it. refer to it as needed. and so it is.


the tumblers are fully glazed on the inside with a matte glaze, the rough speckled clay body and earthy texture shines through naturally. candle will burn clean to the bottom. it is helpful to keep the wick trimmed to avoid excess soot. when candle has burned through, stick the tumbler in the freezer for 20 minutes, and use a spoon/butter knife to release the excess wax, wash the tumbler, and it's ready to safely be used for coffee, tea, smoothies, or a planter! you can also use steel wool to remove any access wax.

about our candles:

  • hand-poured, old school style in the mountains with love

  • local ingredients = very small carbon footprint

  • raw hemp wicks - made with two layers of woven hemp rope rather than toxic tin

  • features a combination of essential oils & cosmetic grade fragrance

  • no animal testing

  • our soy wax is: all-natural, unbleached (our candles are more cream than white), food-grade, & local

  • our containers are: reusable as tumblers! high quality gas fired stoneware handmade exclusively for Ebb & Flow regionally by Koide Studio, Oakland, California


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