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what is Lovelight? I believe that we shall each retain our own feeling, idea, or words to describe it ~~ but here is how I have interpreted it, and thus this is how it mirrors this product ~~ L O V E L I G H T is a feeling, nothing you can pinpoint, but that is what makes it all the more magical. it is a collective consciousness of all who feel the same. cosmic communication amongst likeminded folk. those souls you can open your truth to, pour out your heart, and talk about how you REALLY feel with no energy surrounding you other than comfort. the goal in mind when I was creating this product was to jar that feeling, make it portable, so when you are facing the OPPOSITE of Lovelight; enhance your own, protect yourself, and NEVER FORGET THE LOVE YOU BRING. shine your love on those who feel (or ARE) dark. be the light. spread the light. ~~~ for doing that, with or without this tool, I thank you ~~~

this product has been a long time in the making, and took me into depths and ingredients I had never used before. I studied, I mediated, I gained feeling from wise sisters & brothers...and it feels so right.


a mystical blend of organic jasmine hydrosol & organic rose hydrosol ~ hydrosols are pure heaven, the most delicate and full manifestation of fresh florals you can bottle. neroli & geranium essential oils add a luscious punch as feelings of bare-feet, stories, flowers, & California shrubbery flood the mind. we add some chunks of the most luxe Himalayan pink salt to infuse it with a flowy, wave like feel, giving you the ability to flow like water into & then back out of any situation that needs your lovelight. there is a piece of rose quartz - the stone of all versions of love - in every bottle, along with a piece of moonstone - a stone for hope, sensitivity, and intuition. the scent crowns you with the ability to feel and accept such light as it ultimately brings forth love. she is sweet as sin & loves you like a mama.

ingredients: jasmine hydrosol*, rose hydrosol*, himalayan pink sea salt, rose quartz, moon stone, essential oils of neroli & geranium. * = organic.

{{ your lovelight is needed, in turbulent times like these all we have left is love & hope, those are things we share with the world even beyond this life. }}

with everything ~~

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