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Leather Rollerball Medicine Set - Buckskin

Leather Rollerball Medicine Set - Buckskin

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buckskin medicine pouches

fits 3 of our rollerballs, please choose your set by writing which ones you want in the note at checkout <3

The Keeper- in meditation, yoga practice, tarot, speaking with guides, & ritual. the strong woods in this blend make it prime for times we need to remind ourselves of our earth purpose.
The Healer - in the morning or times of stress / ill health, breath deep and allow your body to bask in this blessed healing blend.
The Free Spirit - if I am seeking a refresh during the day or am feeling down / hopeless / no creative flow. this blend is bright and cheery, yet a REAL, intense bohemian classic.
The Coast - if I am feeling out of synch with my body / needing to get back into a rhythm that suits my mind, body, & soul / balance hormones during your menstrual cycle / grounding before & after air travel
The Mountain - in nature - hiking, biking, running, especially therapeutic in earthing practices if you live in the city. apply The Mountain to the bottom of your feet, let it soak in and meditate for at least 5 minutes, allow yourself to ground + reconnect with the earth by simply walking barefoot and letting your body soak in the energies of the oils & earth all at once.
The Desert- mind clearing, energy clearing, relaxing, and melodic. use before bed or anytime you need to check OUT. also great to anoint children with to instill calm & inner wisdom.

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