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Ilusiones Ritual Kit

Ilusiones Ritual Kit

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create ritual anywhere 𓁼 a compact, boxed ritual kit formulated to clear the illusion .:. clear the energy & your mind .:.

contents :

22 handmade rope incense, infused with an herbal blend of nag champa, sandalwood, & saffron

2 hand dipped mini beeswax taper candles. create sacred, intentional fire. using a small taper candle instead of a lighter or match allows you to hold the flame for longer, be more intentional, and keeps your fingers from getting burnt! these sets are hand-dipped by Dreaming the Bee at her treatment free apiary in Mississippi.

1 homegrown, hand rolled desert sage bundle .:. bound in hemp

1 small kyanite crystal. kyanite is an extremely powerful, yet gentle stone. mother energy. it is said to align chakras instantly which creates a clear gateway for your body + mind to restore harmony. one of the most calming stones on earth. it enhances your intuition & therefore your ability to communicate clear, effectively, & purposefully. I always keep a kyanite on my nightstand. 

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