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Stella Maris Necklace

Stella Maris Necklace

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.: M A R Y :. the creator goddess : mother of mercy and infinite compassion :

“stella maris” : our star of the sea

associated with both the heavens and the sea. Mother Mary is in her power when she accepts her own greatness. the moment she accepts the imperative to create, she begins to bring forth life from the center of her being. Mary is the goddess of the womb, as source of all life and of regeneration. she is the mother of mercy and infinite compassion, the one we turn to in times of need. She is a reminder that compassion toward oneself fosters creativity; wear her as a reminder you are protected and the protector : stay gentle…

pendant depicts a praying Mother Mary on an altar, draped in cloth, framed in flowers.

100% raw brass pendant on thick, chic 18k gold fill chain, all gold fill findings :: choose your preference of: 16 inch, 18 inch, or 20 inch from the dropdown menu. can be clasped at any length. pendant may require polishing depending on your alkalinity. chain is durable gold fill for daily wear. great for layering as this chain does not tangle easily.

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