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Cora Serum

Cora Serum

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C O R A : sacred silk serum

100% organic : instant quench

shiitake mushroom + aloe + tulsi + calendula

an organic, lightest weight, oil-free serum packed with naturally occurring vitamin C, D, & E. featuring the shiitake mushroom; a natural + sustainable alternative to hyaluronic acid. research confirms that shiitake mushroom extract is more effective than hyaluronic acid when it comes to temporarily reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

formulated to brighten, reduce appearance of dark spots, even dry patches, firm, reduce puffiness, reduce redness, and calm the lipid layer giving your face + neck penetrating hydration that leaves you satisfied, passively exfoliated, and soft.

use: after cleansing & toning. massage a few drops into face and neck. let fully dry. then apply an oil based moisturizer if still needed. can be used throughout the day to heal.

amazing in dry environments / high elevation where you crave moisturizing more than once a day but do not want to clog pores. very useful to heal sun spots and sunburn.

ingredients: aloe leaf fillet*, rose hydrosol*, calendula hydrosol*, neroli hydrosol*, jasmine hydrosol*, shiitake mushroom extract*, organic essential oils* of tulsi and geranium.

available in:

1 ounce / 30 ml (regular)

2 ounce / 60 ml (value size)

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Customer Reviews

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Deb Swain

it’s clean, soothing and effective serum. My skin loves Cora. Thanks, Ty!