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the "cobain" leather choker is sure to satisfy that inherent need for a touch of grunge

  • the average choker is 13" this piece is 13" with a few links on the back to ensure a comfy fit. leather is super comfy, that's why we make our chokers out of high quality deerskin ~~

  • a small crystal of your choice dangles from your neck, keepin those good vibers near & dear
  • choose from quartz, amethyst, or citrine

quartz ~ universal amplifier of good energies/dispeller of bad

amethyst ~ calming, peaceful. great for people with anxiety. good for letting go ~~ whether that be quitting cigarettes or a human, amethyst assists us in release.

citrine ~ sunny & bright. a stone of abundance & protection.

handmade with love & good vibes

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