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Cacao Mint Lip Balm Tin

Cacao Mint Lip Balm Tin

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this lip balm is EPIC. trust us.

she greets you with a burst tingly of mint; a master ratio of organic peppermint, & spearmint essential oils refreshes you, and then fizzles away to a tasteful (even breath freshening!) layer of protection. undertones of organic lavender and cacao ground the formula and tame the mint.

this product is lush, creamy, thick, and restorative. cocoa butter is FULL of good FATS, fats that will heal you and restore the sensitive skin that guards are lips, it not only treats, but PREVENTS dryness & peeling. cacao butter is pure luxury, packed full of vitamins, minerals, & antioxidants, it brings balance to the recipe and to your body.


use: whenever needed! safe to use all day every day until healed if you have extremely chapped lips. will also be a GREAT balm for sickie or cold times for chapped noses ~~ the mint will help keep you clear, and the rich organic butters will give you instant relief.

ingredients: cocoa butter*, shea butter*, cacao butter*, hempseed oil*, beeswax*, essential oils of peppermint*, spearmint*, & lavender*

* = Organic

mindfully made with love & good energy


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