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Aura Body Scrub

Aura Body Scrub

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A U R A ☽

our Aura is constantly changing, with the tides as we do. spring and life has brought a lot of pinks into my life, but like the right kind of pink. blush, mauve, dusty rose, peach .:. all the weathered pinks that reflect our strong spirit.

a wise woman once told me that physically washing yourself, scrubbing yourself clean, will rid you of others’ toxicity. which is why Aura is so important, the ability to take time for yourself, in the most private of spaces, and truly scrub away the energies that no longer suit you ~~ it is a pretty potent routine.

this Aura will be around for good ~ a rich combination of organic cane sugar, Himalayan pink sea salt, & Mediterranean sea salt, pink kaolin clay, & organic roses buff away dead skin and bad moods. the scent itself is the a fresh perspective — a leafy base of petitgrain, accented with juicy grapefruit make a dream team. all organic coconut oil, coconut milk, & sunflower oil lock in moisture that hard water strips, and repairs your skin at it’s core. think of it as buffing your skin, ridding excess while giving nutrition to your biggest organ.

the more you use this product the less you will need to use it. she heals you from the spirit to skin.

packaged in an 8 reusable ounce glass jar ~ keep water out of the jar to preserve.

ingredients: cane sugar*, coconut oil *, fractionated coconut oil*, coconut milk powder*, sunflower oil*, rose petal*, Himalayan pink sea salt, kaolin pink clay, petitgrain*, & cold pressed grapefruit essential oils *. * = organic

made in love & good energy

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